Anxiety inside of me, I'm starting to bust. Friends turn foe so easily, I need someone to fucking trust. Can't you see I need room to breathe and space is a must? Everything I know to be crumbles to dust. I can't stop this, it's beyond me. I have tried, are you not listening? Reality and what's "real to me" is what I cannot separate. Choosing one over the other is the reason why I'm fucking late. A window of opportunity smashed to bits and worthless to me. Constant inconsistency- my only consistency. So much wisdom in pain, so many lessons in hurt. You learn from a loss so I'll take on your worst. Nothing can hit harder than my own regret so I live with what I've done and know that I can't forget.


Time flies by and you're the only thing that stays on my mind. I can't lie. Forget your face, every day I try. Life in shambles can we agree this is too much to handle? Life in shambles over fighting this losing battle. You can try to analyze... I won't lie to myself, It's been so long since I felt strong. Anger's not strength, it's a different defense, insanity is where I'm walking the fucking fence. You can try to magnify the broken pieces of my life... to come up short is no surprise.